My Tat2 Net - A Space for all the Colorful

       Enter your universe of Social Networking, with all the amenities for connection in the modern age. Culture and lifestyles may differ but friendship, communication, art, business, education, leisure, adventure and exploration can be part of our shared world.

       Inside, you will find "The Wire", our main communication link to display our status, link to others and share. Our "friends" are links we make between each other to network together to communicate and share our resources and/or we can network publicly, all based on how we decide to network. Either publicly, just among friends, on an individual basis or any combination of preferences you can establish your personal network in the space. We have an extensive section for your own Blogs, Photo Albums and Video Libraries. Establish or join all kinds of Groups to share, chat or explore.

       Store and share files and pages of your interest. Message boards are maintained and available as email style messaging is your direct connection to anyone publicly and within your friends network. Join us, it's free and easy.

       Hey, now you can hookup to My Tat2 Net on your smartphone. Just go to on your smartphone browser to connect with friends, groups, read discussions and post to the wire. You can message and on most phones get your video feed to.